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The Complete Guide to Sirius Astrology Software

Here are reviews, tutorials, the best deal, screenshots, FAQs, and more about the professional astrological program Sirius from Cosmic Patterns.

My journey with Sirius

When I first installed Sirius on my PC, and ran it, I was surprised that it had virtually the same interface as Kepler, as I had thought that the company would have completely redesigned the program.

Since the Sirius astrology program is meant to be a top-of-the-line professional astrology program, this really puzzled me until I realized two things:

1. The company wanted those who owned Kepler to be completely comfortable with Sirius, and be able to "get up to speed" immediately.

2. Instead of investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of person-hours into designing a new interface, they decided to invest their time and money towards improving features that already existed in Kepler, and to adding powerful new features.

In both of these, the company has succeeded. Sirius has many features that are greatly improved, including a much better page designer, a much more powerful rectification module, many more types of chart animation, and very many other subtle and not so subtle improvements.

But since Sirius was created to be a true powerhouse program that was a "Swiss army knife" professional astrology program (i.e. fulfilled the needs of astrologers of all schools of astrology), the programmers devoted a huge effort into giving the program comprehensive functionality is a wide range of approaches including Huber astrology, Vedic astrology, Hellenistic astrology, and Modern astrology.

The additions of a monthly astrological calendar and the DeVore Astrological Encyclopedia were welcome bonuses, as were the new Arabic Parts and Paran astromaps.

The original creator of Kepler and Sirius, David Cochrane, is incredibly hardworking and with the 1.1 update also included an extensive Fixed Star report, and he's now hard at work continuing to improve Sirius.

So we have a lot to enjoy now and even more to look forward too.

I have worked to make this website valuable to both those interested in the Sirius astrology program and for those who already own it.

May that be so.

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